You can now get Google's Pixel smartphones for up to $200 off

Google is now selling its Pixel smartphone for $US150 off, and the larger Pixel XL for $US200 off, as part of its back-to-school offerings.

That’s $US524 for the 32GB base model of the standard Pixel, and $US569 for the 32GB Pixel Xl base model.

Ever since its release in October 2016, the Pixel has been a hard phone to buy, and it’s often been out of stock on Google’s Store. But the phone appears to be in stock now, even the limited edition “Really Blue” option, which sold out in minutes at launch.

Google is also throwing in a free Daydream View VR headset when you buy either models of the Pixel smartphone. To get the Daydream View, you need to add it to your cart along with the Pixel smartphone of your choice.

Google pixel blueGoogleGoogle’s ‘Really Blue’ limited edition Pixel model sold out in minutes at launch.

Google’s discounts on the Pixel are its first for the flagship smartphones. I’d say it’s a decent discount considering the Pixel smartphones have been at the top of Business Insider’s Top 20 Smartphones list for the last few months.

Indeed, I prefer the Google Pixel over the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 for several reasons. The Pixel smartphones have excellent cameras, superb performance, and they run the clean, stock version of Android, which is fantastic. Running stock Android means that the Google Pixel also gets timely updates directly from Google, whereas phones like Samsung’s Galaxy S8 can get Android updates months after release.

It’s important to note that we’re expecting Google to release successors to its original Pixel smartphones within the next few months. The rumours about the new devices suggest a refreshed premium design for the larger XL model, but the standard Pixel 2 won’t get much of a design change. We’re also expecting some camera improvements, which is exciting considering how good the cameras are on the original models.

One thing to potentially consider if you’re considering upgrading? Some rumours are floating around claiming that the new Pixel devices won’t come with a headphone jack.

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