Google is seemingly holding its big Pixel event on October 4

Google’s hardware event is right around the corner, and the company has seemingly leaked an official date: October 4.

As per a tip sent to Google-focused website Droid-Life, a billboard appeared in downtown Boston that suggests that we won’t have to wait long to see what the Mountain View company has in store.

“Ask more of your phone,” the otherwise blank canvas reads, with Google’s stylised “G” logo and the October 4 date at the bottom.

Previous leaks suggested that Google would hold the event one day later, on October 5, but it seems like the company will stick to the same date it introduced the original Pixel phones on.

A new pair of Pixel phones is in fact expected to debut at the event, alongside a smaller Google Home and potentially even a new Chromebook Pixel.

Google October 4 event Pixel 2Droid-LifeThe recently surfaced Boston billboard that shows October 4 as Google’s event launch date.

The tentatively named “Pixel 2” will reportedly be manufactured by HTC once again, and resemble the original device closely.

The larger Pixel 2 XL, on the other hand, will apparently come from LG, and feature an improved design that should put Google on par with the bezel-less devices launched by Samsung (the Galaxy S8 and Note 8), LG (with its V30), and of course Apple (with the iPhone X).

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