Samsung cut the price of its Galaxy S10 smartphones after the Galaxy S20 was announced, but there are 5 key reasons you should buy Google’s Pixel 4 instead

  • Now that Samsung has announced the Galaxy S20, the company has given its older Galaxy S10 phones from 2019 a price cut.
  • Google’s Pixel 4, another affordable alternative to the Galaxy S20, falls short on some expectations, but there are still a few things to consider if you’re debating between it and the Galaxy S10.
  • The Galaxy S10 is a great smartphone, but the Pixel 4 does a few things better.
  • Features like the Pixel 4’s camera, on-time Android updates, and a smooth 90Hz screen help make it a more appealing option than the Galaxy S10.
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Samsung’s latest Galaxy S20 lineup will be the phones to beat in 2020, but their starting prices of $US1,000 makes other recent phones affordable alternatives, like the Galaxy S10 and the Google Pixel 4 from 2019.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 phones got a nice little price cut. And for a limited time, they’re heavily discounted. You can grab a Galaxy S10e for $US440, which is a tremendous deal. Google discounted its Pixel 4XL down from $US900 to $US700, and the Pixel 4 starts at $US800.

While Google’s and Samsung’s 2019 smartphone have similar price tags, Google’s Pixel 4 does a few things better.

The list isn’t that long, and the Pixel 4 hasn’t lived up to its expectations, but there’s still a few key things to consider if you have the Pixel 4 and the Galaxy S10 on your shortlist.

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The Pixel 4 isn’t as pretty, but its flat screen is more functional than the Galaxy S10’s curved screen edges, which make the screen feel narrower than it really is.


The Pixel 4 is less frustrating to unlock because Google’s radar-based facial recognition is faster and more accurate than Samsung’s ultra-sonic in-display fingerprint sensor.


The Pixel 4 gets Android updates the moment Google rolls them out, while Samsung Galaxy owners are usually left behind for months.


The Pixel 4’s camera takes better photos than the Galaxy S10’s, which can look overly processed at times.


You can get an idea of Samsung’s and Google’s overall approach towards smartphone cameras and how their photos look in this comparison between the Google Pixel 3 and the Galaxy S10.

The Pixel 4’s 90Hz screen makes the phone feel faster than the Galaxy S10’s 60Hz screen.


The Pixel 4 trumps the Galaxy S10 in a few ways, but there is a flipside.


There are a few downsides to the Pixel 4 that could make the Galaxy S10 a better choice:

  • The Pixel 4’s battery life isn’t great.
  • The Galaxy S10 comes with a 25W charger that charges the S10 significantly faster than the 18W charger included with the Pixel 4.
  • The Galaxy S10’s camera might not be as good, but it’s still fine, and it offers an ultra-wide camera lens. The missing ultra-wide camera on the Pixel 4 has been a disappointment.
  • The Pixel 4 has a similar price tag as the Galaxy S10, but it doesn’t offer the best value.