This is our best look yet at the upcoming successor to Google’s Pixel smartphones

Based on information from sources it deems “extremely reliable,” Android Authority has come up with a rendered image of Google’s upcoming successor to the Google Pixel, known so far as the Pixel 2.

I should make it clear that the image below is not a leak. It’s simply Android Authority’s best guess at what the Pixel 2, specifically the larger Pixel 2 XL model, will look like based on the information it’s gathered. Check it out:

Pixel 2 android authority

Android Authority’s render lines up with some of the Pixel 2’s rumours, including the rumour that the glass panel on the phone’s back will be smaller. The device will also have a more premium overall design than the original Pixel, pictured below:

Google Pixel

According to Android Authority, the Pixel 2 XL will have a large 6-inch AMOLED display with a taller — not wider — screen than most traditional phone screens. So far, the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 both have taller displays than most other devices, so it wouldn’t be outlandish to think that taller screens is the new trend, at least for Android devices.

Like recent Android flagship devices, the Pixel 2 XL will also supposedly sport refined and narrowed borders around its display, as well as rounded corners on the display itself. Indeed, one of the main complaints with the original Pixel was its large bezels compared to other premium smartphones, which gave it a dated look. Check it out for yourself:

Google Pixel

Android Authority also claims the new Pixel 2 XL will have a similar squeeze feature that you’ll find on the HTC U11, which opens your choice of apps when you squeeze its sides.

Rumour has it the smaller Pixel 2 model won’t go through much of a change over the original Pixel design.

We’d expect Google to announce its new Pixel smartphones in October, the same month Google announced its original Pixel smartphones in 2016. Yet, there’s no consensus on an announcement date so far. Additionally, any and all rumours about the Pixel 2 are just that: rumours. Nothing is certain until Google itself announces its new devices.

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