Take A Tour Of Google's Amazing Pittsburgh Offices

google pittsburgh

Photo: David Aschkenas/Strada LLC

After starting as a two person operation in Carnegie Mellon in 2006, Google now has 150 people in Pittsburgh.In order to accommodate its new employees, Google settled into the penthouse space in a 100 year-old Nabisco cookie factory building.

To make the space Googly, it hired local architecture firm Strada, which worked with Google to create a space that was intimate but with room to expand, says a Strada employee.

Strada passed along a few photos of the space, and we must say it looks very very nice. See for yourself.

This is the original Nabisco building where Google now has its offices in the penthouse floor.

Here's the before photo. This is the blank space they worked with.

Here's the office filled in.

Here's an overlook at the work space.

This big tube is a two story conference room, where one is stacked on top of the other.

See that yellow thing? You'll find out why it's awesome in the next slide.

This is our favourite thing in the building: A hanging cargo net hammock.

Here's an indoor bamboo garden.

In the distance is a big photo of the Smithfield Street Bridge.

There are raised catwalk paths around the office overlooking the space.

It also includes auditoriums for speakers to give talks. Strada calls this space the peanut gallery.

It wouldn't be Googly if it didn't have a space for employees to unwind.

It also has this nifty little library.

The exposed brick contrasts nicely with the bright Google colours.

Here's the indoor cafeteria ...

... and here's the outdoor cafeteria with nice views of Pittsburgh.

Now check out its massive New York City offices

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