Google Photos tried to fix this ski photo -- but it didn't go to plan

malletsdarker / imgurBefore Google had its way with the three photos.

  • Google Photos occasionally uses AI to suggest edited photos to users on the platform.
  • On this occasion, though, Google messed up in spectacular and hilarious fashion.

Google Photos usually gets it pretty much right.

The photo-sharing service uses AI to suggest users edited or enhanced versions of photos they have uploaded. You might get a stylised filter, you might get an animation or you may get a panorama.

A panorama is what Alex Harker received when Google decided to weld three of his ski holiday photos into one wide image – capturing the stunning mountain scenery in full.

Alex harkermalletsdarker / imgurThere’s something odd about this skyline.

There was one small irregularity in Google’s panorama, though. If you look carefully between the trees, you’ll see that Alex’s friend’s upper torso has been magnified to gigantic proportions.

Posting the photos on Reddit, Alex (writing as MalletsDarker) said: “I literally took like 3 pictures, one with them in, and two without them. And for some bizarre reason Google Assistant offered me a really strange panorama of the 3 photos spliced together.”

One other Reddit user commented: “Wow, other than accidentally putting the giant head in the photo, that panorama stitching is amazing. I could not tell at all it was a stitched panorama. Usually there’s dead giveaways because you can see vertical lines in the sky where it was stitched.”

The photo-editing fail now has almost 200,000 upvotes on the r/funny subreddit. Although Google has done an incredibly seamless job blending Alex’s friend into his surroundings, it’s probably unlikely this one will make the photo album.

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