LIVE: Google Phone Conference Call Notes, Analysis

We’re live blogging Google’s “Android” mobile-platform conference call. On the call:

  • Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google Inc., and Andy Rubin, Director of Mobile Platforms, Google Inc.
  • RenĂ© Obermann, CEO of Deutsche Telekom, parent company of T-Mobile
  • Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corp.
  • Paul Jacobs, CEO of Qualcomm
  • Ed Zander, Chairman and CEO of Motorola, Inc.
  • Andy Rubin, Google’s Director of Mobile Platforms will join for Q&A

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Notes and initial analysis after the jump.

  • 11:55 On hold with music; call is scheduled to begin at 12.
  • 12:02 Call is starting. Standard forward-looking-statements disclaimer.
  • 12:04 Eric Schmidt. Very happy! At least 3 billion mobile users. Two part strategy: getting mobile apps like Google Maps on phones around the world. New today: whole new mobile experience. OS, middleware, UI, apps. Free, open source.
  • 12:06 Phones too complex, lack of collaboration between software companies, carriers, handset companies, etc.
  • 12:07 Schmidt is reading very fast!
  • 12:08 T-Mobile on as partner. Will their 3G network be ready in time? No details on Google arrangement to come today!
  • 12:11 HTC’s Chou: One size does not fit all for mobile devices. New category for HTC: consumer-focused mobile phones. Plan to launch first Android-powered phone in 2H08.
  • 12:13 Qualcomm’s Jacobs: Spurring “rapid innovation.” Blah, blah, blah. “Significant resources” spent on Android platform architecture, multimedia. Open Handset Alliance will stimulate competition and good consumer experiences. Let’s hope so!
  • 12:16 MOT’s Zander: 20 years ago talked about open software in computer industry. Now exciting for mobile industry. Better interfaces (thank you!) and new apps.
  • 12:21 Sergei Brin! 10 years ago sitting in grad student cubicle with Larry, students. Open technologies like Linux, GNU, Python, etc. helped us build great, new things and distribute to world. Today’s mobile devices more powerful than computers I was using 10 years ago. Can’t wait to see what people will do with these tools.
  • 12:23 Q&A.
  • 12:24 Will handset makers still be using other operating systems? HTC: Yes. Ed Zander: Yes. (Obviously.)
  • 12:27 Andy Rubin: All of this software will be available in about a week (SDK). Handsets available in 2H08.
  • 12:28 Google ads/brand? Very robust HTML Web browser. No ad-driven mobile phone based on this platform for some time.
  • 12:29 Schmidt: No GPhone announcement today. But if you were to announce a GPhone, this would be the perfect platform!
  • 12:30 Did ask RIM, Apple, Nokia, etc., to join? No answer. But group open to anyone!
  • 12:31 Smartphone or feature phones too? No handset details today!
  • 12:32 Most of today’s phones suck because they have weak browsers. Android includes full browser and Internet experience. Oh yeah? Flash support?
  • 12:34 Could be used as a soft phone? Probably not, Rubin says. Android was name of startup company from 2004. Don’t you read the Sunday NYT, dummies?
  • 12:35 Not announcing a Google phone today. Still no denial! “Don’t image one Google phone, but 1000.”
  • 12:36 Further announcements about tech platform within a week. Yes, it is Linux-based.
  • 12:38 How can Schmidt do this and also be on Apple’s board at same time? He says: Very happy iPhone user! Many different mobile experiences, Android will be one of them.
  • 12:39 Rubin: Minimum requirements about 200 MHz processor, big or small screen, slider, QWERTY, non-QWERTY, etc.
  • 12:40 How different from Windows Mobile/Symbian? Open-source, open to all developers.
  • 12:44 Could carrier create a completely locked down Android device? Up to industry. Industry could decide what they wanted to do. Carriers could create completely locked down devices if they wanted to! But “highly unlikely.”
  • 12:46 Does Alliance change industry dynamics where you need to share ad revenue with carriers? Google: Likely to want to enter in such agreements with handset partners. Sharing revenue produces better total ecosystem.
  • 12:50 GPhone: We don’t pre-announce products, and don’t close off options for future. What does this mean for consumer? A developer platform announcement. Please begin to build the next generation of apps. (I don’t get it. Developers could do this yesterday on many different mobile OSes. What’s Google doing better?)
  • 12:53 “Amazing” user interface. Will see more when SDK “early look” comes out next week. Taking community input as it evolves. Will be offering hosting services so devs can distribute their apps, either direct connection or over the air.
  • 12:54 How much overlap with OpenSocial? Announcements a coincidence, but OpenSocial apps will run “extremely well” on Android platform.
  • 12:55 Call is over.

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