Google Wants Warby Parker To Help Make Its Computerized Glasses Less Insanely Dorky

DVF Google Glasses

[credit provider=”Frazer Harrison/Getty Images”]

Google is in talks with hip eyewear maker Warby Parker to help it make Google Glass look more stylish, Claire Cain Miller of The New York Times reports.The partnership between Google and Warby Parker is not official just yet, according to Miller’s two sources, but it suggests that Google is taking fashion very seriously. 

At New York Fashion Week last year, models for Diane von Furstenberg wore coloured versions of the glasses on the runway, and even von Furstenberg herself sported a pair.

The glasses, which are connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, lets you do a variety of tasks like take pictures hands-free, ask for directions, and even receive alerts from Google Now.

Just yesterday, Google started accepting applications from the public to test out an early version of Google Glass for $1,500, and will select a small group of “bold, creative individuals.” Bu it plans to start selling Glass to the masses sometime this year, according to the Times. 

For now, people who wear regular glasses won’t be able to use Glass, but we heard from one source that Google is working on it.

For the record, not all of us at Business Insider think the glasses look insanely dorky (I don’t, my editor says he doesn’t). But we’ve heard from enough “normals” who say they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing Google Glass, that it’s obvious this is smart move for Google.