Google just opened its third office in China

(Photo: Li Xin/AFP/Getty Images)
  • Google has opened a new office in Shenzen, China.
  • This is the third office space Google will operate in China, but it will operate in a shared office rather than a custom-for-Google space.
  • Shenzen is known for its hardware production.

Google has opened a new office in Shenzen, its third in China.

A Google spokesperson confirmed the news after TechCrunch obtained an internal email announcing the new office.

“We’ve heard a lot of feedback that there was a need for a space to work from while in the area-so, after a few months of scouting, we recently signed a lease for a serviced office in Shenzhen. The space opened this week and is now up and running,” the email read.

Rather than outfit an entirely new office the tech giant has hired space within another office in Shenzen, which is considered China’s Silicon Valley of hardware.

According to TechCrunch, the office is likely to be used by teams that regularly visit the city, including hardware, sales, logistics and sourcing.

While Google does not operate its search engine business in China, it does run its app store Google Play and the app Google Translate. The company also recently announced it will open an artificial-intelligence research centre in China.

Read the full email to Google staff via TechCrunch ยป

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