Google Taps Fancy German Architects To Create A Brand New Office Building

o2 buildingAn Ingenhoven building

Photo: Ingenhoven Architects

Google is ready to build its own offices from scratch in Mountain View to house the thousands of new employees it’s bringing in, the Mercury News reports.This is the first time Google is building its own offices. It paid $30 million to lease 9.4 acres of land in Mountain View for the next 53 years.

It is hiring German firm Ingenhoven Architects to build “the most green, sustainable building possible,” according to a Google spokesman. 

According to the Mercury News, Google currently counts 65 buildings stretching a mile of road in Mountain View as its headquarters. That’s more than double what it had in 2005.

Google hasn’t released details on what it’s new building will look like, but it’s expected to be thoroughly modern and eye-catching. We grabbed some photos of Ingenhoven’s work through the years to get an idea of what Google’s new office might look like.

This is the Sky Office in Dusseldorf

Here's an interior shot of Sky's office

The Daniel Swarovski Corporation in Zurich

Another look at Swarovski

The international criminal court, The Hague. In progress, expected to be done in 2014

Lufthansa's headquarters

An interior shot of the Lufthansa headquarters at the Frankfurt Airport

Oeconomicim at the University of Dusseldorf

O2 headquarters, Munchen, Germany

Burda Media Park, Offenburg, Germany

Audi pavilion

Expo Plaza, Hanover Germany

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