Meet Google's Latest Life-Changing Product: 'Google Now'


Today, Google revealed ‘Google Now’. 

‘Google Now’ is a new form of search that ties your browsing and navigation histories together to anticipate your needs.

Basically it searches for you based on the time and your location trying to predict things that you will ask it.

After using it for some time the system will be able to suggest alternative routes for you to go home if it senses there is traffic.

‘Google Now’ can also tell you when the next bus is coming along your route providing you with departure time recommendations.

For sports fans, ‘Google Now’ offers live updating of scores for your favourite team. It knows your favourite team based on your search history.

The best thing about ‘Google Now’ is that it is integrated directly into the latest version of the Android Operating System, Jellybean.

Look for ‘Google Now’ to hit Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Xoom devices as part of the 4.1 update coming mid-July. 

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