Google+ Is Not To Be Overlooked By Marketers

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USING GOOGLE MEANS USING GOOGLE+: Google claims that its social network Google+ has hundreds of millions of users, and yet talk to any one of your friends, and it probably seems no one ever actually uses it. The reason being that Google+ is probably the most active social network that no one really knows they’re using.

The New York Times explores the Google product ecosystem, which is shrouded in mystery, in terms of how Google products — from search to Gmail to Google+ — are interconnected. In simplest terms, Google+ is the service that identifies a user and tracks that individual across all other Google products — with or without them knowing. (New York Times)

THE POWER OF GOOGLE+: We’ve been aware of the importance of Google+ to the Google ecosystem for some time. We’ve published quite a bit of research showing why marketers and brands should embrace Google+ as a driver of user traffic elsewhere.

For example, user actions on Google+, such as +1s (which are similar to a like on Facebook), are the best predictors of how a Web page will rank in Google search. (BI Intelligence)

THE HOTTEST APP IN SILICON VALLEY: Everyone in tech is talking about a new app called Secret. For the uninitiated, Secret is a social network for people to talk, post, and share anonymously with friends and friends of friends. The Verge calls it “Facebook as a masquerade ball.” Although Secret is the most talked-about app in Silicon Valley circles, it’s also the place where gossip turns into bullying. And those scathing comments are meant to remain anonymous. However, should someone find a glaring vulnerability in Secret’s code that allows people to see the author of any comment, the whole premise of the app comes crumbling down. So for Secret to remain successful, people’s data really does have to remain secret. (Verge)

FACEBOOK PREDICTS RELATIONSHIPS: A Facebook data scientist noticed that before two people announce that they are in relationship, the number of times they post on each other’s walls increases significantly. It’s yet another example of how Facebook is using big data to understand some of the nuances of human life and culture. (Facebook)

YAHOO ACQUIRES RECRUITING FIRM: Yahoo has acquired technical recruiting firm Distill. Yahoo receives approximately 340,000 job applications each year, so this acquisition will hopefully help the tech giant streamline the review process. (TechCrunch)

REVERSE SHOWROOMING: A new report from BI Intelligence finds that retailers have discovered “reverse showrooming,” or “webrooming,” which is when consumers go online to research products, but then head to a bricks-and-mortar store to complete their purchase.

In the report, we examine the numbers behind showrooming and reverse showrooming, what’s driving each trend, and what the different showrooming behaviours look like. We also look at what in-store advantages retailers have, and what they are doing both to capture in-store sales from reverse showroomers and to drive up purchases across channels. (BI Intelligence)

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