Google: No Reason To Think Apple Is Ditching Us For Bing On the iPhone

Google says there’s no reason to believe Apple is going to switch to Bing as the default search engine on the iPhone, despite a growing rumble that says otherwise.

Reuters quotes Google’s Vic Gundotra as saying, “Apple is a very close and valuable partner and we’re very excited about the relationship we have with them today. We have no reason to believe that’s going to change…We think that relationship is stable.”

After meeting with Microsoft execs last week, Sandeep Agarwaal at Collins Stewart said Microsoft has a “high” likelihood of landing the iPhone deal.

Apple gets over $100 million a year from a revenue sharing deal with Google on the iPhone, according to a source familiar with Apple’s operations. That’s pocket change for both Google and Microsoft, which have big mobile and search ambitions.

Apple looks like it’s in a good position to pick up a few more dollars from one of these companies.

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