Google's New Tablet Will Probably Launch Very Soon Along With The Next Version Of Android

Google nexus 7 tabletGoogleGoogle’s Nexus 7 tablet

The Verge is reporting that Google will release its Nexus 9 tablet alongside the next version of Android, currently being called Android L.

Android L was unveiled in June. Among its many changes is a completely redesigned visual interface built to be more responsive, called “material design.”

If The Verge’s report is true, the Nexus 9 might be the first Android device to launch with Android L.

We’ve been hearing for months that Google and HTC have been working together on a new Nexus tablet, and a new report from The Wall Street Journal seems to make those previous claims appear more credible.

Over the past few months, executives from HTC have reportedly been flying to Google’s office in Mountain View, Calif., to work on the project.

The most convincing evidence we’ve seen of the tablet’s existence came when chip maker Nvidia mentioned the device in one of its legal filings against its rival Qualcomm. The document revealed the Nexus 9 will be released in the third quarter of 2014 and will run on Nvidia’s new K1 processor.

Nvidia claims its K1 chip can bring PC-like performance to tablets, so if these claims turn out to be true, we can expect the Nexus 9 to be pretty powerful.

Google typically unveils its new version of Android and Nexus devices in October, so there’s a chance we’ll see the Nexus 9 unveiled next month. Last week Portuguese news source 4GNews reported the Nexus 9 will debut on Oct. 8, but we’ll have to wait until Google weighs in to know for sure.

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