REPORT: Google's Next Tablet May Arrive Oct. 8

Nexus 7 google now Reuters/Stephen LamThe Nexus 7 tablet

The next tablet in Google’s Nexus line could be coming on Oct. 8, according to a new report from Portuguese news source 4G News (via PhoneArena).

The tablet, presumably called the Nexus 9, is said to be built by HTC and could debut at the company’s next major press event next month.

We haven’t seen a new tablet from Google in about a year, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see a new Nexus device appear next month.

Last October, Google introduced its Nexus 5 and Android 4.4. KitKat update in October, which means 4G News’ timing would line up with Google’s current product launch cycle.

HTC is holding a press event on Oct. 8, where it’s been widely reported that it will introduce a waterproof Go Pro-like action camera that can connect to Android smartphones and tablets. As it turns out, there’s also a chance that we’ll see this so-called Nexus 9 tablet turn up.

The report comes just after we’ve seen some of the most convincing evidence yet that the Nexus 9 is indeed coming soon. Chip maker Nvidia mentions the device in a recently-published legal document, writing that its new K1 processor will be featured in a Nexus 9 tablet set to debut in the third quarter of 2014.

Although the tablet will likely be released under Google’s Nexus branding, we may see some design influence from HTC. Rumours suggest it will feature a metal design that’s similar to HTC’s line of One smartphones.

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