Leaked documents reveal everything you need to know about Google's upcoming iPhone killer

Nexus 6PImgurA leaked slide from Google’s Nexus 6P retail material.

A series of images posted on Imgur (via Android Police) have revealed almost every detail of the upcoming Huawei-made Nexus 6P, the larger of the two new Nexus devices which are expected to be unveiled on September 29.

The slides appear to have been made for retail employees, with hardware specifications and images of the new phone as well as talking points, such as the “sleek design.”

The Nexus 6P has a 5.7-inch display, placing it in the same league as the iPhone 6S Plus which sits at 5.5-inches. However, the 6P is far ahead in terms of resolution, packing in 2560×1440 pixels compared to the 6S Plus’ 1920×1080.

Another area where the 6P exceeds the 6S Plus is battery size. With a 3,450mAh unit the 6P easily bests the 6S Plus’ 2,915mAh battery, which is the same as the last generation 6 Plus. While no battery tests have been completed to give a comparison, having a larger unit will go a long way in helping the 6P stay alive.

Nexus 6PImgurThe specs of the device — which place it ahead of the iPhone 6S Plus — are laid out in one slide.

Despite being a bigger unit, the 6P also weights less than the 6S Plus, coming in at 178 grams while the iPhone sits at 192 grams. While previous Android phones have been made out of plastic, the 6P is made from a metal unibody which could give the device a premium feel.

The 6P will also include a new finger print sensor, located on the back of the phone. This implementation is different from Apple’s — which got an update with the 6S — and it will be interesting to see how it compares.

Other details include quick charging, a feature enabled by USB Type-C, and a new Gorilla Glass 4 display which is an “extremely resistant material.” The 6P comes in four colours: aluminium (grey), graphite (black), frost (white) and gold, which is only available in Japan.

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