Google's New Smartphone Will Be Able To Sense When You Pick It Up

Nexus6MotorolaMotorolaThe Nexus 6 in white

You may not have to press any buttons to wake up the Nexus 6’s screen.

Instead, Google’s new smartphone will reportedly be able to wake up on its own whenever you pick it up.

The Nexus 6 includes an option in its settings called Ambient Display with a description that reads: “Wake screen when device picked up or notifications arrive,” according to Android Police.

The blog claims to have obtained a screenshot from the phone, which will be up for preorder at the end of the month.

Other blogs such as 9to5Google have also reported that this Ambient Display feature will be a part of Google’s upcoming Android 5.0 Lollipop update, which means it may eventually come to all Android phones.

This feature isn’t necessarily new — Motorola really played it up when the first generation Moto X launched last year. Now, however, it looks like we’ll see a more widespread rollout.

Google is describing Android 5.0 as its biggest software release yet. Not only is Google implementing a physical overhaul known as Material Design, but the update is also being promoted as the first version of Android that’s truly meant to work across all different types of devices of various sizes.

We expect to learn more about Android 5.0 Lollipop in the coming weeks as smartphone makers begin to announce which gadgets will get the update.

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