Google Yanked Its KitKat Promo Video After An Unannounced Nexus Phone Was Spotted In It

Android jellybean statueDan MorrillAll the statues on google’s lawn, where KitKat went up yesterday.

In its eagerness to unveil the new Android operating system KitKat, Google made a blunder.

Whenever an Android operating system is announced, a new statue is placed in the yard of the Googleplex. There’s a gingerbread man for Android 2.3 Gingerbread and a green Android statue filled with jelly beans for Android 4.3 JellyBean.

Yesterday, Google put up a promotional video to announce its latest Android operating system, KitKat 4.4. The minute-long video showed Googlers snapping pictures of the KitKat statue going up on the lawn.

But the devices Googlers were using were unfamiliar. Many of them seemed to be using an unannounced Nexus phone, a product Google may not have planned to unveil until later this quarter.

The mistake was caught by 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman.

“The backplate seems similar to that found on the new Nexus 7, and the camera lens appears to be larger than the current-generation Nexus 4,” he writes, noting that the device also appears larger than current Nexus phones.

Shortly after his report, Google yanked the video. Gurman took screen shots of the mystery device though.

Here’s one, below. Could this be the Nexus 5?

For reference, here’s what the current Nexus 4 looks like:

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