Google News: We'll Help Publishers Make Money Someday, We Swear


Over at’s MediaShift Mark Glaser posted a lengthy Q&A with Google News creator Krishna Bharat and business product manager Josh Cohen.

They explained how they help publishers with programs like FastFlip, which could eventually bring in not just more clicks to their content, but extra revenue:

And are those ads [on FastFlip] sold as CPM (cost per thousand) ads or CPC (cost-per-click)?  

Bharat: They’re CPC ads, but we’re just starting out with this experiment. Right now we’re serving the ads, but you could see a situation where a publisher serves the ads. Or you could see a situation where this is premium [pay] content and the idea is to encourage people to buy the content and buy subscriptions. There are any number of ways that this could evolve. The idea was to find out more about user behaviour if you made it really fast. And we learned that people look at a lot more content, and a lot more ads.

We also found out that the old model of just showing you a title and a snippet [on Google News] does not do justice to certain kinds of content — very visual content or enterprise journalism that if you don’t have a sense where it’s coming from and that the Economist or the Atlantic are behind it, you don’t appreciate the quality of the content. The title does not do it justice. We’re observing that a lot of traffic is going to sites that are extremely well typeset and carefully authored. And right now the model on the web does not help that kind of production.

As for paywalls, Google said they are happy to work with publishers on that, too, and prevent “leaks.”

Read more at MediaShift.

Watch the video on the Google News guys responding to critics:

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