Google will reportedly announce its new Pixel phones at an event on October 5

Prolific leaker Evan Blass said on Twitter that the second-generation Pixel handsets will be unveiled on October 5.

This likely means that, like last year, Google will hold a dedicated hardware event on the day, where additional products — like a new Chromebook Pixel and a smaller, cheaper Google Home smart speaker — may also be introduced.

The 2016 “Made by Google” event was held on October 4, and considering Blass’ long streak of correctly leaked information, we tend to believe that the information is reliable.

In addition to the date, Blass also pointed out that seemingly both the Pixel and Pixel XL successors will boast the Snapdragon 836 system-on-a-chip; the latest highest-end mobile processor from Qualcomm.

The two devices could be drastically more different from one another. The original Pixel and Pixel XL were essentially identical, save for screen size, resolution, and battery capacity. The new models, on the other hand, will try to differentiate themselves a bit more.

The smaller “Pixel 2” will probably be a minor upgrade over the current model: It will sport the new CPU, a refreshed camera, and possibly a couple of gimmicks like the “squeezable,” touch-sensitive frame first seen on the HTC U11.

Pixel 2 RenderSteve Hemmerstoffer/MySmartPriceThe baseline ‘Pixel 2’ will probably look very similar to the current model, but it may use its big top and bottom bezel to accommodate stereo speakers.

The Taiwanese manufacturer is reportedly once again in charge of building Google’s phone, in fact; the larger Pixel 2 XL, however, has seemingly been commissioned to LG.

The Korean giant is going to introduce its new V30 flagship smartphone in a week, and all the leaks have pointed towards a device with drastically small front bezels and a curvy design.

The LG V30 will probably be the canvas on which the Pixel 2 XL is built; the information emerged so far pictures a device that makes of design one of its main selling points, and a big differentiator against the smaller sibling.

The 6-inch AMOLED display will make up for almost the entirety of the phone’s front, and curve towards the left and right edges to minimise the bezels.

Pixel 2 android policeAndroid PoliceThe larger ‘Pixel 2 XL’ will still have a design that’s reminiscent of its predecessor, but will dramatically reduce the front bezel to match up with other flagship phones from the likes of Apple, Samsung, and LG.

This “borderless” design isn’t new, but it’s what other manufacturers like Samsung and Andy Rubin’s Essential are doing to push the boundaries of high-end smartphones — which is why others, like Google and Apple, are expected to follow.

Google’s first venture into self-branded smartphones proved to be a success, so you can rest assured that the company will pack as much technology as possible into the upcoming Pixel phones — the larger model especially.

Sadly — if the rumours are correct — there are two things you should not expect: A dual camera system (which can be found on essentially all other flagship smartphones), and a headphone jack.

We will learn more about Google’s plans for its hardware event in the coming weeks.

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