Google Just Announced Photo-Editing Features For Google+ That Put Facebook To Shame

google io photo enhance

Google’s social network, Google+ just got a fantastic new set of photo editing/sharing features.

Google will now let you upload full resolution photos to Google+.

Better still, Google will also automatically enhance your photos to make them look better.

As you upload your photos, Google will edit them for normal things like over exposure/under exposure and red eye.

However, it will also edit your photos in new ways, like a new “skin softening” filter which smooths away wrinkles on your face.

It also automatically create great albums. Google’s algorithms will sort through all the photos you upload and identify the best ones. It will eliminate blurry shots and duplicates. It will find shots of smiling people and landmarks, and photos that just plain look great.

But maybe the coolest feature is something called “auto awesome.” This will take a bunch of action shots and automatically turn them into a little movie or animated gif. 

Auto awesome photos will show up in your Google+ albums later today.

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