Google is moving into to a new office in Berlin

Google office BerlinYouTube/SchwanenwerderThe new Google office in Berlin.

Google is planning to move to a new office in Berlin, according to multiple local German-language news reports.

The reports from Heise Online and RBB, which came out last November but did not get picked up outside Germany, indicate that Google plans to move to a building on Tucholskystra├če, roughly 1km from its existing office at Unter den Linden 14 in Berlin’s Mitte district.

“We are going to move into a new office opposite the Museuminsel [Museum Island] in the former university women’s clinic in 2018,” Philipp Justus, Google’s VP of DACH and CEE, reportedly said in November 2016.

In Berlin, Google employees around 100 people including a small number of engineers working on products like Android and YouTube, as well several people working in areas like policy and legal.

The new office, which should be able to accommodate up to 200 staff, is expected to be occupied by Google from this summer onward.

Elsewhere in Berlin, Google is planning to open a startup “Campus” in Kreuzberg for entrepreneurs.

In total, Google employs around 1,100 employees across Germany. The search giant has around 500 people in Hamburg and 400 people in Munich, which it uses as an engineering hub to build things like privacy tools and Chrome extensions.

Google employees significantly larger numbers of people in other European countries, with several thousand in the UK, Ireland, and Switzerland.

Companies like Apple, Uber, and Pinterest also have a presence in Berlin. Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, hired its first employee in Germany in January and it is looking at opening up an office in either Berlin or neighbouring Hamburg.

Elsewhere, Twitter shut down its Berlin office last November.

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