What Hope Does Android Have Against The iPhone 5?

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Verizon google logoGoogle’ Galaxy Nexus.

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

A year ago, rumours for Google’s new phone, the one that turned out to be the excellent Galaxy Nexus, seemed to pop up almost as frequently as iPhone 4S rumours did.At the time, Google was getting ready to release a massive refresh of its Android operating system, called Ice Cream Sandwich, and it needed great hardware to match.

So expectations were pretty high for the Galaxy Nexus. For the most part, Google delivered.

Today, we’re rapidly approaching the Galaxy Nexus’ one-year anniversary, and we know next to nothing about a new phone coming from Google. So far, all we’ve seen are hints that the next Nexus will also be made by Samsung, but look largely the same as last year’s model with some internal spec boosts. (Sort of like Apple’s move from the iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S last year.)

Last weekend, a few alleged test photos taken with the a new Nexus phone leaked out. There have also been rumblings that HTC, which made Google’s first Nexus phone, could be working on a Nexus phone/tablet hybrid like Samsung’s Galaxy Note

Meanwhile, we’ve heard that Google really likes the concept of its Google Play store, where it now sells hardware like the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 tablet, and Nexus Q media. There are rumblings that it plans to ramp up Google Play with new hardware offerings like Android phones and tablets from several manufacturers, not just one “hero” device in each category. And then there’s the possibility of a super cheap $99 Nexus 7 tablet.

In short, just because we haven’t seen many leaks, doesn’t mean Google won’t have something good for us in time for the holidays this year. Don’t be surprised if you have a lot of Nexus gear to choose from very soon. 

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