This Clever Parody Site Pokes Fun At Google's Data Practices

Google shelled out $US3.2 billion to buy Nest, a smart thermostat and fire alarm company, earlier this year.

Today, Google-Nest is advertising some of the company’s latest home-focused products.

Except Google-Nest is a parody site and not actually associated with Google. And the products — like a tiny drone that follows you around all day — are really creepy.

A German activist organisation called Peng Collective created a site to satirize some of Google’s personal privacy and data collection practices, according to TechCrunch.

The four products featured on the page are perfectly suited for a Google-run, dystopian future.

“Hug” helps you find a nearby person to squeeze when you’re feeling sad, which it will know because Google products monitor all your behaviours and emotions. “Google Bee” is a personal drone that “watches over your house and family” and can record anything from its vantage point of up to 1,200 feet above you. “Bye” collects information about you throughout your life — including any app you downloaded or YouTube video you watched — and automatically shares all that data with your contacts when you pass away.

Because Google has so much data about you and can’t guarantee the protection of that data, “Google Trust” will send you money if anyone — let’s say the NSA — gets it. The company will pay you off for your lack of privacy!

The parody site hits a chord: With Google meeting with the NSA and tracking you even offline, Google-Nest products don’t feel creepily close-to-home.

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