Take A Tour Of Google Music (And Find Out Why It's So Awesome)

google music beta on nexus s

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We’ll save you the trouble: Yes, Google Music is way better than Amazon’s Cloud Player.We got our Beta invite to the service last night, and were blown away by how easy it is to use. If you’re already married to iTunes, Google Music will sync your library to your online account without you having to do anything.

And Android users no longer have to worry about taking up space on their phone with songs. Instead, you can stream your entire library. (If you aren’t connected, your most recent songs are cached on the phone so you can listen offline.)

The only downside we found was the painfully slow upload time. If you have a massive library, be prepared for it to take days to sync up.

If you haven’t done so yet, you can sign up for a Google Music Beta invite at music.google.com. You can also download the new Android app here. While you’re waiting, check out our walkthrough of the service at the link below.

Here's the Terms of Service for Google Music. If you agree, click to continue.

Here's the Privacy Policy. Read through it and if you agree, click to continue

Now you'll be prompted to download the Music Manager app for your PC or Mac. Click to download it

After the download, install the app on your computer

Sign in with your Google account information

This is the best part about Google Music. It will automatically detect songs in iTunes, your music folder, or any other folder you choose. We're going to sync with our iTunes library

Music Manager will scan your iTunes folder for songs. If you have a lot of tracks, this will take a while.

Music Manager is stored in your System Preferences on Mac. It will always run in the background, keeping your library in sync. If you have a lot of music, this will take a LONG time. (After 10 hours, it only uploaded 538 songs for us)

Here's the Google Music dashboard. You can access it from music.google.com. Everything here is pretty self-explanatory. You can filter music by song, artist, or album. You can also create playlists. But that's not the best part...

Download the Music Beta app from the Android Market. When you launch, you'll be prompted to sync with your online music. You can now stream all your online tracks. (If you don't have a Beta invite yet, you can still use the new app to listen to music stored on your phone)

iPhone users are left out. We tried accessing Google Music from Safari, but the site doesn't work. You can't scroll through the page, and if you manage to select a song, it doesn't actually play. If you're expecting a Google Music iPhone app any time soon, don't hold your breath. Apple is likely going to launch a similar service in September

Google Music isn't the only big Android announcement from yesterday...

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