These impeccably-dressed men had their photos randomly snapped by Google Street View cameras

Paris man poses for Google Street ViewGoogle Street View/GQThis man in Paris appears to know he’s on camera.

Who needs a menswear blog when your style is so sharp, you can catch someone’s eye on Google Street View?

Google street view style manGoogle Street View/GQThis man looks pensive in New York.

GQ found eight men whose pocket squares and trouser hems were so on point, even a picture taken from a camera strapped to the top of a car couldn’t cramp their style.

Google street view style manGoogle Street View/GQAnother New York photo, featuring a man who might be embarking on a shopping trip.

Their closely fitted pants and button-downs project composure and sophistication, despite the men’s blurred-out faces.

Google Street View style manGoogle Street View/GQThis man in London tops off his perfect style with a motorbike.

Google Street View began in 2007 when Google placed a GPS device, cameras and lasers on top of an SUV and drove around collecting photos. Street View cars are now much more recognisable than they were at the beginning.

Google Street View style manGoogle Street View/GQThis Londoner has a Prada shopping bag and shiny loafers.

Googlers also collect photos using 360-degree-camera-equipped backpacks, trolleys, snowmobiles and tricycles.

Google Street View’s main goal is to help people find their way more efficiently, but spotting beautiful and interesting images using the service has become its own online art form.

Trekkers have made tours of everything from Venice to Mount Everest to the set of “The Colbert Report” available to browse on Google Street View.

Pranksters are also fond of Google Street View. One guy heard a Street View car was in his neighbourhood, and made sure he got on camera taking a selfie.

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