Astounding Before And After Photos Of The Japanese Earthquake

Photos of Yuriage and Yagawahama before and after the tsunami

Photo: Google

Google posted a bunch of before-and-after aerial photos of areas in Japan that were devastated by the tsunami. Google worked with GeoEye, one of the companies that provides satellite imagery for Google Maps, to focus in on areas that were particularly hard hit. Then, the company found “before” pictures of the same areas.

Here are some of the most arresting shots.

Kashima in 2003

Kashima now, with fields underwater

The town of Yagawahama in 2007

Yagawahama today, totally devastated and covered by mud

The end of the Samegawa river in 2005

Now the same river has formed a small bay

The beach town of Terashima in 2003

Terashima wiped out after the wave

The town of Onahama in 2005

Onahama now

The town of Yamoto in 2004

Yamoto with flooded fields after the tsunami

The town of Ishinomaki in 2003

Ishinomaki with big areas of flooding after the wave

Here's the town of Yuriage in 2008

Here's what Yuriage looks like now.

Here's the Fukushima nuclear power plant, where several reactors are now failing.

The Fukushima nuclear power plant after the flood.

Another part of the Fukushima Inuclear plant in 2004

The damage doesn't look that bad in this part of the Fukushima plant

This is a small village near the Fukushima power plant in 2003

The same village today -- it's basically gone

An industrial site near the Fukushima plant in 2004


The beach settlement of Tomioka before the tsunami

Tomioka now, covered with mud

A high aerial shot of fields in Haranomachi in 2003

Haranomachi now -- the fields are totally flooded

Here's the Sendai airport in 2003

The airport was wiped out in a couple minutes.

One of the most shocking videos of the tsunami was shot here.

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