Google Maps On Your Desktop Is Getting A Brand New Look, More Features

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Google Maps has been one of the more popular apps Google created and Google just announced a bunch of new improvements to it.

The new Maps includes a gorgeous full-screen mode. The side bar is gone.

It allows you to customise the maps in new ways, too, like connecting to Google+ so you can get recommendations on venues from your friends. It will integrate with Google Now, Google’s voice-activated answer to Siri . It wants to learn your habits and make better recommendations for you, the more you use it.

You can peek inside of venues like restaurants, with a very cool feature that zooms into the picture and even gives you a 360 view. Google also added other 3D buildings, and you can zoom in for a tour.

You can upload your own photos and add them to Google Maps, too.

If you click on a certain area in Google Maps, road names and landmarks will automatically pop up. It will then recommend other similar places to explore.

It’s like the Google Earth experience, through the browser. Maps can even zoom out and show you the solar system.

Google Maps is integrated with more than 1 million websites, Google says.

All the developers who got Google’s free Pixel already have a free preview of maps.

The rest of us can sign up for a preview invite as of Thursday here:

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