The one Google Maps hack that makes travel planning easier

Acorn street, boston massInstagram/thisisjelliThanks to Google Maps, I remembered to force my friend to take me to Acorn Street in Boston.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the places you want to visit — be it a country, a restaurant, or a landmark.

But there’s one Google Maps hack that makes remembering hotspots infinitely easier: the save feature.

Why I love it

When I first moved to New York City in October of 2015, it was the first time I was going to be living in a large city for more than a few months. I had mapped out sights I wanted to see and places I wanted to eat while leaving here, but I quickly began to lose track of where I had been and where I still wanted to go.

After walking through new neighbourhoods in the city, I kept writing down the names of restaurants and shops that I wanted to look up once I got home, but that quickly turned into a mess. Enter Google Maps.

The save feature has allowed me to keep track of everything I see or read about that sounds interesting.

Now, every time I pass an adorable restaurant, read about an interesting place, or spot a beautiful photo on Instagram, I instantly mark it down on my map.

Google mapsGoogleToo many places to visit.

It’s great both locally and for planning trips
But the best part about this feature is that it helps me when I plan trips to different cities and countries.

I follow a ton of travel bloggers and sites on various social media accounts, so as soon as I read about or see a restaurant or site recommendation, it gets saved.

When I recently spent a weekend in Boston, I made sure to visit all of the places I had saved (including the famous Acorn Street) and even added new stars for the next time I head to the city.

GoogleMy saved places extend all over the world.

How it works
First, open your Google Maps app and type in the location of where you want to save. Once it comes up, tap on the tag at the bottom to make the location full screen. After that, all you have to do is click save and the star will be added to your map.

It really is that simple.

Google maps save featureGoogle MapsMy friend visited this Oregon park, and now I’m looking to make a stop there.

Even better, if you have Google Maps as your main map app, as soon as you click on an address online or the name of the location on another app like Instagram, it will open it on Google Maps, allowing you to save it instantly.

When you’re planning a trip to new location or trying to find a restaurant in a city you already live in, all you have to do is open your map, see what you have starred, and make sure you hit it up when you’re there.

And as soon as you make it to the location you wanted to visit, you can just tap the save button again to unsave it and remove it from your map. Happy saving!

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