Google Maps For iPhone Is Here: How Data And Design Beat Apple

Google has released a native maps app for the iPhone and it’s fast, full-featured, and quite frankly the best-looking mobile maps experience on the market today. After months of problems and a formal apology in the wake of Apple’s own Maps app on iOS 6, many have been waiting for Google to offer a solution that could serve as a viable replacement. If the brief demo we saw earlier this week is any indication, Google has delivered.

The majority of maps features that matter are all here: traffic, turn-by-turn navigation, transit directions, walking directions, satellite view, street view, indoor photos, Zagat restaurant reviews, and a bit of integration with your Google profile. Unlike many of Google’s other, earlier efforts on iOS, Google Maps is a fully-native app instead of a “web wrapper.” It also utilizes vectors instead of graphical tiles, which translates into faster load times and lower data costs.

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