Google just added the classic phone game 'Snake' to Google Maps as an April Fools' Day gag — here's how to play it

GoogleGoogle’s version of ‘Snake’ is accessible on the web or on your smartphone.
  • In honour of April Fools’ Day, Google added a free game to Google Maps: Classic phone game “Snake.”
  • Google’s twist with its version of “Snake” is that you’re controlling a subway train as it picks up passengers and visits landmarks.
  • “Snake” from Google is free, and available now through the end of the week.

What does classic phone game “Snake” have to do with the annual tomfoolery of April Fools’ Day?

That’s a good question that we can’t answer, but the good news is this: Starting right now, you can play “Snake” within Google Maps as a free game. Or perhaps you’re stuck at a desk all day? There’s also a free version on the web!

Here’s how to play “Snake” for free, care of Google:

1. Download and open Google Maps.


This one probably goes without saying, but just in case it wasn’t all the way clear: You need to have Google Maps, the app, installed on your phone to play “Snake.”

You could have it on your iPhone, or your Android phone – “Snake” is available on both versions of Google Maps.

2. Click the menu icon in the upper left corner. (Hint: It may look like a snake.)

GoogleSince I already clicked on it, it no longer looks like a snake in my version of Google Maps.

3. Select the “Play Snake” option about halfway down the menu.


4. Choose which city overlay you’d like to use, or choose the whole world.

GoogleAs you can see here, different cities have different subway designs.

5. Play “Snake” to your heart’s content. The goal is to pick up as many passengers as possible without falling off the map. If you snag one of the city’s landmarks — like Big Ben in London — you’ll get extra points.


6. Perhaps you’d prefer to play in your web browser? That’s also an option!


Google set up a website as well and, honestly, it’s the far better way to play “Snake.” Since “Snake” was originally on mobile phones with actual buttons, the way people played “Snake” was with tactile, directional button pushes. Straight up: it’s less fun to play “Snake” with swipe gestures on modern smartphones.

But with “Snake” on the web, the game feels much truer to the original form – check out the website right here.

Take a look at “Snake” in action right here:

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