7 Things Googlers Just Taught Us About The Magic Behind Google Maps

google maps teamThree members of the Google Maps team

Photo: Imgur

We enjoyed this thread on Reddit where the Google Maps team has been answering questions as people ask them.From general questions about picture resolution to very specific questions about different types of map projections, here are 7 things we learned about Google Maps.

Building shadows are astronomically accurate based on time of day and location of the sun. Google scaled the shadows to prevent them from appearing too long

There is Street View in Antarctica!

Google Street View cars capture 3D data -- using data collected from three lasers, Google determines the best panorama to show you for a location

There is a Street View Partner Program for you to add new areas to Google Maps -- all you need is a camera, photo stitching software, and some JavaScript knowledge

For those interested in traffic conditions, Google is investigating how to accommodate colorblind users for the red and green indicators

Blurry pictures suck. Google wil usually favour higher resolution images over more current images

BONUS: This West Wing clip helps explain why map projections are so important

And now for something entirely different

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