Google Makes The Right Move Shutting Down Its Nexus One Phone Store

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Google is shutting down its Nexus One smartphone store, and not a moment too soon. This is a smart move and the right move on Google’s behalf.

As we wrote earlier this week when we encouraged Google to kill the failed Nexus One project, Google should be supporting its carrier and other distribution partners, not competing with them:

Instead, Google should take whatever lessons it has learned trying to sell phones by itself and use them to help carriers — its real customers — beat the iPhone, BlackBerry, and everyone else.

Because it’s now clear to everyone that the carrier-dominated U.S. phone market isn’t going to crumble just because Google put up a website to sell phones. …

As we wrote, the best news for Google is that Android’s long-term success or failure has nothing to do with the Nexus One. And that Google’s long-term success or failure in mobile — advertising — is not directly tied to Android.

Android has always been about taking a single platform and spraying it across as many phone manufacturers and carriers as possible. That’s happening more today than ever, which is how Android beat Apple’s iPhone in U.S. sales last quarter. And so Google’s REAL success story with Android — a potentially HUGE ecosystem — is still in place.

And that’s where Google should be focusing its attention and investment: On helping as many companies sell as many Android phones as possible, NOT on competing with its partners.

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