Google+ Makes Strides As A Social Login Provider

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SOCIAL LOGIN LANDSCAPE SHIFTS:Google+is powering an increasing number of user logins across the Web. Google+’s share of social logins hit its highest level since 2010 in the fourth quarter of 2013, according to Janrain.

Facebook remains the most popular login provider on the Web with a 45% share, but Google is now back up to 35%. For comparison, Google+ had a 38% share in the fourth quarter of 2010, but fell off that mark until recently.

However, the social login landscape is not a zero-sum game. Internet users still enjoy using a variety of services to log in to websites. Yahoo and Twitter each had a 6% share in the fourth quarter.

Social media services want users to log in to other sites and services with their social media credentials, because it helps companies such as Facebook better understand a person’s broader web browsing habits. (Janrain)

In Other News …

SNAPCHAT RESPONDS TO DATA LEAK: Snapchat has released a statement in response to the data leak that compromised 4.6 million user names and phone numbers. The company said it will make changes to the app to patch the vulnerability. Among the changes, users will soon be able to opt out of the “Find Friends” feature that lets people find their friends on their app by matching phone numbers. (Snapchat)

FACEBOOK MONITORS MIGRATION TRENDS: Facebook’s data science team published a report showing the urban migration patterns among large groups of people. With more than 1 billion users, many of whom disclose where they are from and where they currently live, Facebook has a striking amount of information about trends that could inform the geopolitical landscape. (Facebook)

FACEBOOK LAWSUIT: Facebook is being sued for allegedly serving users ads based on data from private messages. It raises the question yet again, of where exactly Facebook draws the line with user privacy. (Business Insider)

INTERVIEW WITH TWITTER EXEC: Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg’s new technology publication Re/code published an interview with Twitter’s Senior Vice President of Engineering Chris Fry. The interview is aimed at getting a better sense of the company’s engineering culture. (Re/code)

THE STORY OF NETFLIX: The Atlantic takes a close look at how Netflix has been able to reverse engineer Hollywood and understand the viewing habits of viewers on a very nuanced level. (The Atlantic)

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