Google's Little-Seen Ad About Gay Marriage In France Will Have You Choking Back The Tears

Before gay marriage became legalized in France last month, the folks at Google found a way to allow same sex couples to legally exchange vows: via a Belgian mayor conducting ceremonies in Google Hangout. Gay marriage is legal in Belgium.

The Belgian mayor has married Chilean couples on the Google video meeting platform as well.

Google made a tear-jerking ad about two French men, Marc-Antoine and Sebastien, who met in 1976 and have at last — thanks to Google — found a way to make their relationship official.

The spot does what Google does best: Shows the many uses of its platforms by telling a human and emotional story.

Ogilvy France made the spot for the organisation Tous Unis Pour L’Egalité.

After a few weeks, it is surprisingly only at 35,000 YouTube views.

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