Google M&A Exec Gushes Over Twitter


Along with Apple, Microsoft and News Corp, Google (GOOG) is said to have interest in acquiring hot microblogging startup Twitter.

During a panel at the Stanford Global Technology Symposium, Google’s top M&A guy, VP David Lawee made no secret of his affection for the startup:

“I think Twitter is an awesome business. It is exciting to see that in this downturn there is a company with such breakaway product success. I can’t talk about a specific acquisition of course. There are a lot of companies who look at what Google is doing, and say it’s an interesting business to me, if there is a way for us to get into it. And I think there is a lot of room for innovation once they are in. Twitter is a great example of potentially either of those.”

We’ve made the case that both Google and Microsoft need to seriously consider acquiring Twitter. Henry Blodget came up with five reasons Google should offer to buy the company for $1 billion:

  • Google needs a huge new growth engine and Twitter might just fit the bill.
  • Twitter is a hell of a lot more relevant to Google’s business than other big Google ideas, such as YouTube or Larry Page’s plan to have Google solve the world’s energy crisis (see his crazy talk of two years ago).
  • $1 billion is couch change for Google.
  • Twitter could conceivably threaten Google’s cash cow–search.
  • Like Google, Twitter is already a verb.

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