Google (GOOG) Looking For Less Help, Yahoo (YHOO) Wants More

UBS analyst Ben Schacter takes a more rigorous look at Google’s internal help wanted ads than we have, and finds something interesting: Posted openings are down 48% y/y. The breakdown is also interesting: The bulk are in display, mobile, video and enterprise, or as Schachter puts it, “more R&D, less G&A.” And Google (GOOG) is expanding faster internationally than it is here – 56% of the positions are abroad.

Meanwhile Yahoo (YHOO) trying to bring more people in — it’s got 14% more openings y/y, with most of the growth coming from advertising jobs. We’d assume those jobs are a bit difficult to fill right now, but Sue Decker says we’d be wrong about that: At the D conference last month, she boasted about hiring 600 people in 2008

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