Check Out The Rainbow, Sugar-Coated Event Space Google Set Up For Its Biggest Software Update Ever

Google hosted an event in New York City on Wednesday to showcase its new operating system, Android 5.0 Lollipop, and its Nexus tablet and smartphone, TV streaming device, and smartwatches.

Google has called Lollipop its “largest, most ambitious” Android release yet. With Lollipop, Google introduced “material design,” an overhauled interface aesthetic that’s sleek and brightly coloured.

In honour of the release, Google created a rainbow, candy-filled wonderland to show off the goods.

Check it out:

Attendees were greeted by an Android sign made completely out of real hard candy:

And there were plenty of sweet treats for the taking:

In Google colours, of course:

Downstairs, all the products were arranged around this beautiful lollipop sculpture:


Jillian D’Onfro / Business Insider

Throughout the space, Google incorporated the bright colours of material design:


Jillian D’Onfro / Business Insider

Everywhere you looked, there was candy. Here’s the Nexus 9 tablet:


Jillian D’Onfro / Business Insider

Google gave out little baggies so attendees could load up. Even the candy behind the product demo station had scoops:

Android robots of all sizes were scattered all over the place, too:

Everyone was given plenty of time to try out the devices:

Here’s a look at the new Nexus smartphone:

And some smartwatches running Android Wear:

This arrangement reminded us of the candy Dots:

Google also had cute (inedible!) displays for all its past Android versions, like cupcake, doughnut, eclair, froyo, and so on:

Goodbye, KitKat. Hello, Lollipop!

So much sweetness:

Even the drinks were meant to match colours from material design:

Back upstairs was another cool seating area:

It was definitely a sweet event:

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