Google Like It's 1999


  • ESPN the magazine will charge for online content [PaidContent]
  • 81% of businesses are scaling back on IT hiring [WSJ]
  • 34% of people say they would pay for some online news [All Things D]
  • It’s way too early to say Bing passed Yahoo [SEL]
  • The Pepsi vs. Coke rivalry is real and very heated [AdAge]
  • Barry Diller, Jon Miller, Tim Armstrong goof around on stage [MediaMemo]
  • Millions are not ready for the switch to digital TV [NYT]
  • Layoffs at the New York Observer [NYT]
  • The very best/worst F*** Yeah! meme-blogs on Tumblr [PSI]
  • Video of Android OS running on a laptop [Blogoscoped]
  • Google like it’s 1999 [Retroogle]
  • Facebook developers are racing toward the bottom [All Facebook]
  • Google Chrome for Mac is available in a very early beta [Chromium Blog]

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