Google and Levi's are making a 'smart jacket' to control your phone

Google and Levi’s just announced collaboration for a new jacket that will let you control your phone by touching its sleeve. 

The jacket will use a fabric that can sense touch and pressure. It’s based on technology called Project Jacquard, which Google’s ATAP skunkworks group first announced it at its developers’ conference last year. 

It’s being designed with cyclists in mind, so bikers will be able to do things like turning up their music or blocking a phone call by touching a patch on their wrist. 

The jacket will start shipping in spring 2017, though beta versions will be available for testing this fall. 

There are three basic components: The jacket, with the woven gesture sensor, a removable tag that connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and an app that lets you set up what different gestures, like tapping versus swiping, will control which apps. 

“We don’t want you to try to navigate the screens of your phone while navigating the streets,” a Levis rep said on stage during Google’s presentation.  

Here’s a video about the jacket:


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