Google Lets Advertisers Track Consumers In New Ways On iOS6 - Today's Ad Brief

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Marketers and advertisers using iOS applications can now monitor app downloads on Google’s AdWords This function has been available on Android phones since April. Gap is no longer planning to work with just Ogilvy on its advertising campaigns. While the company told Ad Age that it is not doing an agency review, Gap has reached out to PNH and AKQA to do new campaigns.

Think you’ve seen enough political ads? Well get ready because one-third of all political spots will air between now and November 6.

The Martin Agency chose Joe Alexander, formerly an ECD at the shop, to be its new CCO. Alexander has worked on campaigns for UPS and Wal-Mart.

TED launched “Ads Worth Spreading” for the third time.

Months after retiring as chairman of Siegel & Gale, Alan Siegel opened a brand and corporate identity consulting firm called Siegelvision.

There’s talk that LG’s bottomless elevator stunt is actually fake.

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