Google might be about to unveil a mysterious 'Clips' product

Sundar pichai google ceoJustin Sullivan/Getty ImagesGoogle CEO Sundar Pichai as got a surprise for you.

Today is the biggest launch day of the year for the Google — but a wave of leaks mean we know almost exactly what to expect.

The Californian technology giant is expected to unveil a suite of new gadgets and devices, from new iPhone-rivalling Pixel 2 smartphones to a new laptop and artificial intelligence-powered smart speakers.

But there might still be one surprise.

Tech blog 9to5Google reports that reseller Synnex accidentally published a page listing various Google products seemingly due to be released.

Among these, in the “Computer Accessories” category, is “Google Clips.”

What is it? It’s not clear. It might be a clip-on device for another Google product, or some kind of wearable gadget. Google is believed to be planning to announce a new virtual reality headset, but it doesn’t appear to be that — that’s listed separately. (Just don’t expect Google to say early — it almost never talks about products before they’re officially announced.)

The listings also include new Pixelbook laptops (with 12.3-inch screens and either 128GB or 256GB of internal storage); new smart home devices — the Google Home Mini — in “chalk” and “charcoal”; and Daydream VR headsets in grey, blue, and red.

Whatever the “Clips” is, we won’t have to wait long to find out. Google is due to unveil all the new products at a press conference in San Francisco later on Wednesday. It’s scheduled to begin at 9AM in San Francisco — or noon in New York, and 5PM in London.

Business Insider will be covering the whole event live, and you can also watch it below when it kicks off.

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