Google+ Leader Vic Gundotra: Larry Page Asked Me To Stop Tweeting

Google+ leader Vic Gundotra was asked not to tweet anymore by his “boss,” he revealed last night at the SMX Social Media Marketing conference.

By his “boss,” we’re pretty sure Gundotra means Larry Page, Google’s CEO. Gundotra’s last tweet was in July.

Page didn’t make Gundotra stop tweeting to enforce some sort of loyalty to Google+, he made him stop tweeting because a few of Gundotra’s snarkier tweets were getting him in trouble.

The Next Web has a transcript of his explanation:

I tweeted a tweet about two companies that went viral, went very very viral and made a lot of headline news. And honestly, I didn’t anticipate that my comments would be interpreted in the way they were interpreted.

I thought I was speaking to a relatively small number of people who followed me, a developer-oriented group, and instead it went mainstream. And so, uhm, I’ve curtailed my usage since then.

The tweet he’s talking about? This one:


This was right when Microsoft won its mobile deal with Nokia. Everyone interpreted this as a massive shot at both companies.

Page probably didn’t want any undue stress or attention brought to Google by a snarky comment from Gundotra, so he asked him to stop tweeting. It might sound controversial, but it’s pretty normal for a big company.