Google launched a new payment system that lets people buy stuff online with super-fast checkout

Pay with GoogleGoogleA preview of the new Pay with Google feature.
  • Google is launching “Pay with Google,” a new service that integrates with Android Pay in the company’s portfolio of online payment systems.
  • It allows users to pay for stuff online and complete checkout with just a few clicks.
  • Pay with Google is limited to a few retailers and shops for now, but the Mountain View firm says more are coming.

Google is has launched a new payment service, Pay with Google, which looks to become the company’s standard protocol for making people pay for¬†things online.

The way it works is rather straightforward: Every time you want to buy something on one of the (partner) sites, Pay with Google will automatically retrieve all of your information (such as credit card details as well as shipping address) and complete the transaction for you in a couple of clicks.

Pay with Google is also a versatile tool, in that developers can add support for it “with just a few lines of code” for free through the Google Payment API, and have it work inside apps as well as the web via Chrome.

As of now, only a handful of shops support Pay with Google, including Dice in the UK, Kayak in the US, and iFood in Brazil.

However, big names like Deliveroo, Just Eat, Airbnb, and HotelTonight are working with Google, too, and are listed in the official page as “coming soon.”

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