Google Launches A (Boring) Magazine

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Google is getting into the magazine business.Susan Wojcicki announced the launch of Think Quarterly on the company’s official blog.

Our aim with Think Quarterly is to regularly tap our homegrown visionaries, as well as heads of industry, innovators and experts from around the world, to lend their insights and analyses to our partners who are seeking to navigate the ever-changing digital world.

The first effort, “The Innovation Issue,” begins with a simple statement: “In 2003, a total of five exabytes of data existed. Now we generate that every two days. We are, literally, more creative than ever.”

What follows is an impressive array of smart thoughts from both Google executives and captains of other industries. WPP chief executive Sir Martin Sorrell discusses the future while Ogilvy & Mather head of planning Russell Davies guides the reader through the “Internet of Things.”

In “Missions that Matter,” Holly Finn writes about the entrepreneurial culture that pervades the Big G. The story is both a nice look at how Google helped find survivors of the Japan earthquake with Google People Finder and a nice counterpoint to the Google is losing talent because the entrepreneurial spirit is gone argument.

It’s also an excellent example of what Think Quarterly can be.

At its core, the publication is an infomercial for the company. It’s a strong combination of smart writing and smart business practices. This ain’t rocket science, you know?

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