GOOGLE VOICELESS: Larry Page To Skip Big Conference

larry page 400

Google CEO Larry Page has lost his voice and had to skip today’s annual meeting, chairman Eric Schmidt told shareholders.

His voice was so gone, that his body couldn’t show up either. Interesting!

During this meeting Google approved the creation of a new class of non-voting stock that preserves its cofounders’ control, the AP wryly pointed out. Translation: ordinary shareholders continue not to have much of a voice.

Page is also going to miss next week’s Google I/O conference for developers, which is usually a major occasion for rollouts of new technology.

And his quiet period will stretch into the middle of next month, when Google announces second-quarter earnings. 

That’s an unusually long recovery period for a simple case of hoarseness. 

Google spokesman Jim Prosser told us that Page’s condition is “not serious” but that Page had been told to rest his voice. That’s a good thing because as we reported earlier, Google has not insured itself against the loss of Larry Page.

It’s never fun to lose your voice, but we can’t help thinking: Page hates public speaking. He didn’t speak at last year’s I/O conference, which took place shortly after he returned to the CEO role. We can’t seriously believe he’s broken up about missing this one.

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