REPORT: Google May Be Testing A New Feature To Make Its Search Results Even More Helpful

GoogleTimelineFlorian Kiersch/ Caschys BlogThis could be Google’s splash screen for Knowledge Graph

Google already presents a bunch of useful information from Wikipedia when you search for a historical event, pop culture term, or celebrity.

But Google may be building a new feature into its search engine that shows even more Wikipedia information, including an interactive timeline for certain events — making it much easier to view contextual information at a glance.

Google+ user Florian Kiersch found some screenshots showcasing an interactive timeline for events based on Wikipedia information.

Kiersch’s blog post about the new feature was first spotted by Android news blog Android Police.

The potential feature presents a timeline showing key points in a given historical event. The timeline would appear just above the search results, similar to the way Google already presents data from Wikipedia when you search for a popular topic.

Kiersch posted a screenshot showing what search results for “World War I” would look like with this timeline.

Google is believed to be calling this feature “Knowledge Graph,” according to Kiersch.

Users will be able to interact with this timeline by hovering their mouse over certain items in the graph, which would pull up more information about that particular event, he said in his blog post. As you can see in the screenshot below, clicking on one of those terms will launch a new search for that topic.

Kiersch cautions this tool is likely in its early testing stages, so we probably won’t see it roll out anytime soon.

This also isn’t the first time Kiersch has claimed to have obtained information about Google’s upcoming plans for search. Back in May, he reported that Google is testing a new feature for bookmarking websites known as “Stars,” but we haven’t heard any news about it since.

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