Google Kills Another Failed Project: ‘Shared Stuff’

OK, we don’t even remember Google (GOOG) having a delicious-clone called “Google Shared Stuff.” And in a nutshell, that’s the problem was the unused, unloved service.

No more: Google has started tagging all “shared stuff” pages with this note:

This service will no longer be available after 3/30/2009.
If you want another way to share videos, you can use the “Share” link below each YouTube video. You can also create a public Google Site if you want to share websites and links with friends.

For Internet historians, this was the Google Shared Stuff idea:


“Shared stuff” is hardly alone on the list of projects recently killed by Google. Other victims of Google’s push to focus on core competencies include Twitter-rival Jaiku, mobile social networking service Dodgeball and virtual world Lively.