Galaxy S4 Owners Can Get Rid Of Samsung's Horrible Keyboard And Use Google's Instead

Samsung Galaxy S4

Google released its own keyboard app for Android in the Google Play app store this week. 

This is the same keyboard program that’s used by default in Google’s own Nexus line of Android phones and tablets. But most Android phones have their own keyboards made by Samsung, HTC, LG, etc. 

The keyboard on Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 is one of the worst of the bunch. It’s inaccurate when typing and doesn’t do a great job at predicting what you want to type next. 

Luckily, Android phones let you choose what keyboard you want to use, and Google’s is one of the best you can get for free. It’s really accurate and has a great voice dictation feature. Plus you get a cool “swipe” feature that can guess what word you’re trying to type as you drag your fingers over the letters.

If you have a Galaxy S4, do yourself a favour and download Google’s regular Android keyboard right here. After the app downloads, open it up and follow the instructions on your screen to make Google’s keyboard your default.

Alternatively, you can try SwiftKey, which costs $3.99.

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