Google Just Bought A Cool SXSW Startup, Behavio

Nadav Aharony GoogleNadav Aharony

In what looks like an acqui-hire, Google has bought tiny startup Behavio for an undisclosed sum.

Behavio was a sensation at last year’s SXSW show. It won a $355,000 grant from the Knight Foundation at the show for its tech that turns Android phones into data collection “sensors.”

Behavio’s tech is an open source project called “FunF.”

With the acquisition, the alpha test on FunF that Behavio was working on will be shut down, according to the Behavio website. The FunF project will live on as part of Google.

It’s not a total surprise that Google bought Behavio. It was lead by¬†Nadav Aharony who worked at Google as a product manager in the Android team before getting a PhD at MIT Media Labs. Behavio’s cofounders, Alan Gardner and Cody Sumter, are also heading to Google where they’ll keep working on FunF, the Behavio website said.

We’ve written before how smartphones are becoming more human, with the ability to see (camera), hear (mic), feel (touch/accelerometer), even smell and taste, thanks to sensors.

FunF is going to let Android app developers tap into this almost-human population of phones to track trends in realtime.

Amazing stuff.

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